About The RP Miller Team

The RP Miller Team is built on over thirty-six years of quality service and expertise, with over $1 billion dollars worth of sales in New York Residential Real Estate.

My Experience

With over thirty-six years of experience directing, managing, and owning my own company, I have consistently enjoyed educating agents, consumers, and sellers. I have served on the REBNY community Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee. I have sold and transacted in almost every type of sale or lease transaction possible. My value to my firm, my commitment to the consumer, and my cooperation within the community are of utmost importance to me. I look forward to working with you.

Sale Highlights

Upper East Side

$80m in sales at 26 East 63rd Street
$32m in sales at 985 Park Avenue
$25m in sales at 21 East 66th Street
$25m in sales at 44 East 67th Street
$15m in sales at 44 East 67th Street
$12m in sales at 15 East 69th Street
$12m in sales at 30 East 85th Street
$8m in sales at 715 Park Avenue
$7m in sales at 40 East 62nd Street

Upper West Side

$50m in sales at 22 West 66th Street
$12m 15 Central Park West
$5m The Plaza, 1 CPS


$40m in sales at 211 Madison Avenue 


$12m in sales at 212 West 18th Street 

West Village

$18m in sales at 333 West 14th Street



Years Experience

Converted Buildings


Our international experience includes working with high net worth individuals from Argentina, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Russia and Venezuela to name a few. These clients fully appreciate the expertise and assistance I bring when converting condominiums and working with new development and sponsors.  After the sale, I continue the process of managing and leasing the property as a way to stay in touch with my clients, who after thirty-six years still seek my advice and expertise.



All of my agents have the same commitment to help our clients meet their needs. We pride ourselves on keeping track of the fluctuating pulse of the market at all times. We are available day and night to service your needs no matter what time zone you live in. Our responses are immediate and our expertise within Manhattan is immeasurable. We offer vast knowledge which helps makes our customers feel powerful when it comes to the decision making process. Our goal is to find the best possible solution through creativity and hard work.

  • “Reba Miller on top of Madison Ave sales”
    NY Daily News
  • "Reba Miller Never Rests on Her Laurels"
    Real Estate Weekly


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